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photographer and videographer

How much should Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost ?

Hey, guys, my name is jay Kapoor and are the most common questions I receive from new filmmakers ABOUT Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost is how much should I charge for my first wedding video you’re asking this.

Because a friend or family member saw the owner Cameron said Hey I’m getting married will you fill it to what you told sure how hard could it be then .they ask you how much you charge.

He said I’d let you know then you went to you to be typed in how much would you charge for filming the wedding and where you are and you’re in luck today.

How much does wedding photography and videography cost ?

I’m going to answer that question for you I felt my first wedding in 2010 yes I’ve been filming weddings for over a decade, possibly just like you.

I was in college a girl I knew in 1 of my classes was engaged .she knew that I had a camera and made videos she asked me to film her wedding and whenever she asked what I would charge to do.

It I said I’ve never filled a wedding before I’ll do the best that I can how does $500 sound you’re now thinking great mats any charge $500 for his first wedding all cost $500 to hold on just a second well that $500 number isn’t that important.

But here’s what he’s wedding films just like photography painting sculpture any art where you’re being paid to make something for someone else more important than the price in Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost.

You charge there is the expectation that you are setting for your client if someone hired Picasso to paint a painting you better believe they’re expecting to receive a Picasso quality painting about Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost .

that is as good as his other work and if a couple hires you to film their wedding they hope you to make them a wedding video.

How much does wedding photography and videography cost ?

What is a reasonable price for a wedding videographer ?

Because this is your first wedding, this couple doesn’t have a portfolio of wedding videos you’ve made to know what to expect you’re now thinking great match.

I know that I don’t have a portfolio of wedding films to show my couples .

how do I set their expectations of photographer and videographer for what they’re getting and what the heck does that have to do with.

What I should charge here’s your answer a couple’s expectations are directly related to the price you set .

when I feel that first wedding in 2010 the couple had a healthy wedding of photographer and videographer budget with a beautiful ceremony for Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost.

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New pleasant reception hall and I guarantee you that their photographer charged multiple thousands of dollars more than me I would bet too of Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost.

if I told that bride that I wanted to charge her 2000 to $3000 or more to film her wedding, she would have had room in her budget to pay me that but remember expectations are directly related to the price.

If I told that couple that I was going in photographer and videographer to charge them $3000 to film their wedding they could have looked at other videographers work they charge $3000 .

expected will probably get a wedding phone that looks something like this instead I did the opposite I told them that I was brand new to filming weddings of photographer and videographer.

I charge them low, and that’s precisely what I would recommend that you do too for your first wedding now you may be thinking Max I can knock this wedding in photographer and videographer out of the park of Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost ..

I’ve seen $3000 wedding videos that don’t look that good I bet I could do better talk to any wedding videographer a lot of us start out believing that filming a wedding may sound easy to you but watch any of my wedding filmmaking behind the scenes videos.

What is a reasonable price for a wedding videographer ?

How much should I pay for a wedding photographer ?

if you want that allusion to be broken it very quickly whatever can go wrong on a wedding date will go wrong.

If you don’t have the filmmaking experience to know how to handle the poop hits the fan you’re going to be in trouble of photographer and videographer; you should set your couple’s expectations low.

Because the expectations are tied to the price, you should charge low too hello well for me I charge $500 to a couple of photographer and videographer.

They could probably have easily afforded six times or more that amount for you to lower how makes a free sound of Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost .

If you don’t charge your first couple any money at all that’s okay by setting soft or free you’ll be free from a couple’s expectations of what their wedding film should be you probably won’t be making a film that looks as good as something that a videographer the charges two or $3000 can make.

Why wedding photographers are so expensive ?

But that’s okay because you charge much lower than them this couple one expect as much, which will give you a safe environment to learn as you fill your first wedding plus.

If You do end up making them a fantastic looking film it’s going to completely blow photographer and videographer them out of the water because they weren’t expecting much let’s look to the future .now you’re probably thinking Max I want to turn wedding filmmaking into a business how do I do that.

if I’m charging free or free for a wedding film, it’s time to change your perspective more important than you making money with your first wedding film .your focus should be on starting to build a Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost  portfolio of work you can show to future couples if you feel your first wedding for free inphotographer and videographer.

You make the team a great film you’re proud of. You will have a movie in your portfoli o to Wedding Photographer and Videographer Cost.

you can show to the next couple that reaches out to you .you know have proof of your talent and capabilities in this first wedding film.

Why wedding photographers are so expensive ?
Why wedding photographers are so expensive ?

How much should a beginner photographer charge for a wedding ?

You can now show it to your next couple that wants you to film their wedding. They’re going to want to spend more money on you so don’t try to charge a lot for your first wedding film remember a couple’s expectations are tied to the price you charge.

Hence, it’s a good idea to set your price low focus on learning gaining experience and starting to build a portfolio of you can use to capture more for your future wedding photographer and

if you reach this part of the video you’re probably wondering what the next steps you know you a little bit more than what you’ve allocated for photography you can learn money off of in the future are.

However, it is a one time purchase that might be big. Still, you have those photos forever. If you start to think about it the cost of your photos per day for the rest of like several decades of your life, it probably gets cheap.

That’s just one way to think about it again if you want to spend more money on top if you don’t have to spend more money on photography do you want to do I don’t care.

This is just a video to let you guys know what goes into the pricing. About what you should be budgeting for photography, for example, here in San Diego, I want to say about photographer and videographer that the average might be like high threes to force, maybe for now 4000 for photography might be the average I’m above average.

Still, some people cost twice as much as I live here in San Diego, and some people are like in Santa Barbara and LA who commanded.


What for five times as much as I do so you can find a photographer for free.

You can find a photographer for like $30000, so that’s just something to keep in mind the range is vast ..slightly depending on what your wedding budget is and what your priorities are you will find an excellent match for you anyways.

I hope this article is interesting in photographer and videographer for you guys gives you a little bit of help Hartford comes up with their pricing I think I think.

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