Pearl cultivation

Start this business by applying 25 thousand rupees, earn up to 3 lakhs every month, government give 50% subsidy

Pearl cultivation

How can I make money? If you want to do business, we will also tell you about a particular business idea today.

You can make a lot of money by starting this business. From this you earn 2.5 to 3 lakhs every month.

New Delhi. The Corona virus has shaken the Indian economy. Many people have lost their jobs and some people are struggling. At the same time, people’s needs are increasing in the present day, making them look for different types of business ideas. Today we also tell you about a particular business idea. Starting this business can help you make good money (how to make money). Today, people’s focus on pearl cultivation is rapidly increasing. Many people have become millionaires by cultivating it. So let’s know how to start this business-


What is needed for pearl culture?.


For pearl cultivation, a pond, oyster (from which pearl is prepared) and training these three things are necessary. Whether you can have the pond dug at your own expense or give the government a 50% subsidy, you can also take advantage of it. Oysters can be found in many states of India. Although the quality of Darbhanga oyster in South India and Bihar is good. There are also many institutes in the country for its training. Get training in pearl cultivation from Hoshangabad and Mumbai in Madhya Pradesh.


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First, the mussels are tied up in a trap and placed in the pond for 10 to 15 days so that they can create their own environment, after which they are taken out and their surgery performed. Surgery means inserting a particle or fungus into the oyster. After coating on this mold, oyster layers are made, which later become pearls.


The medical treatment of mussels is redone after the operation. After this, these oysters are closed in a box and hung in the pond with a rope. In addition, we have to see every day which oyster is alive and which is dead. The one who dies is taken out. This work must be done every day for 15 days, this process takes about 8 to 10 months. After this, the pearl begins to emerge from the oyster.
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25 to 35 rupees for the preparation of an oyster Cost While after preparation two pearls come out of one oyster and one pearl is sold for less than 120 rupees. If the quality is good, more than 200 rupees can be found. If you put 25,000 shells in an acre of pond, it will cost about 8 lakh rupees. Let’s just say that even if some oysters are wasted to be ready, even more than 50% of the oysters are safe. It can easily earn 30 lakh rupees per year.

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