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How To Become A Professional Videographer ? ( Get Clients For Commercial Videography )

Hey, what’s up, guys? Eric thing here from cinema mastery. They were going to be talking about becoming a professional videographer or getting clients for commercial videography.

This video is for filmmakers who want to become professionals and get their very first clients, or if you’re somebody who already has clients, this is for you to learn how to get more clients how to charge more for your work.

I’ve been working as a commercial Professional Videographer for about 7 or 8 years. I’ve also worked with many filmmakers over the last five years.

Since I started cinema mastery, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t; I’ve seen tons of different strategies.

How To Become A Professional Videographer ?

I’ve also seen why some filmmakers do well right out the gate and why other filmmakers maybe it takes a little bit longer, so we’re going to explore that today then.

I’m going to walk you through my top 3 tips for growing your business as a Professional Videographer and becoming a professional videographer.

I mean, the actual meaning of cinematic and cinematic definition to To Become A Professional Videographer is having characteristics or qualities of movies of cinema. It means it looks like a movie.

Hence, movies have this kind of element, this kind of quality the other videos don’t have in Become A Professional Videographer.

It’s what makes them stand out above other videography now; when I was starting and filmmaking, I was shooting a lot of what I would call standard videography shooting.

How To Become A Professional Videographer

How do I become a professional videographer ?

G, you know, music videos waiting for videos, real estate videos, just anything I could get my hands on to get started as a filmmaker, and that’s fine when you’re creating to Become A Professional Videographer.

Still, eventually, you want to learn how to separate yourself from the crowd at some point.

The best way that I found to do that is to in Professional Videographer to create work that looks truly cinematic by borrowing concepts and characteristics from the movies and applying them to.

Still, your portfolio is entirely wedding videos you’re going to have a hard time making that sell to the retail clients.

because all they’re seeing is wedding videos they’re going to assume that that’s all that you can do when you do this it makes it so that you end up having to explain to your clients how yes my work looks like this.

How To Become A Professional Videographer

How much money can you make as a videographer ?

But I can do this and start creating disclaimers, and that kills their confidence in you because it doesn’t sound like you’re very confident in yourself, so the best thing you can do is use your passion projects to build a portfolio that is designed to attract the type of client that you want to get down the road rather than just showing off the past.

That that was the only way to get clients into Become A Professional Videographer was to go to networking events and present about my business or try to meet people and talk to them well after I finish giving the presentation about my company.

I had somebody come out to me and say you know what you need is you need to learn how to sell. I was thinking myself of the time, so why do we need to learn how to sell? I thought that you know.

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How do you start a videography ?

All I needed to do was learn how to make excellent videos. If I made them better and better, people would start to notice, and then I would begin to get work from that.

At least that’s how I thought it worked.

which is how a lot of people start out and if you’re starting, you’re doing that’s okay. Still, you should be thinking about what niche you want to go into and dominate now there are two categories of Become A Professional Videographer of place that you can dive into.

and that is one your style of work and to the type of client so for example, in the kind of work may be the style that you want to create is cinematic story videos or cinematic documentary-style videos or interviews mixed with B.

How much money can you make as a videographer ?
How much money can you make as a videographer ?

Is video production a good career

Roll whatever it is the video’s style they want to create. You can niche down a specific style video and start selling that the second week. It’s down in the type of client you’re working with, which is probably the more important one, so knowing who you’re serving is essential.

so when it comes to selling video production services a lot of filmmakers spend all our time talking about the lighting and the composition and the storytelling and all those things and those things are all important, especially as filmmakers.

You know what it is they want or what problems they have that you can solve give it to them make sure that your product or service when you’re selling your video production services to To Become A Professional Videographer and  solves that pain point helps them reach their business goals as a business again don’t just communicate to your clients about how the lighting is going to be so amazing.

How the storytelling will be so good those things are essential. You’re going to pay attention that when you’re on set to deliver a high-quality product that they will enjoy in the end, but when you’re communicating with the client when you’re selling to them and trying to get them to hire you, you need to.

How much money can you make as a videographer ?

What Is the Job Outlook for a Videographer ?

Learn how to speak in their terms, talk to them about their revenue figures, their customer engagement, their brand loyalty their branding casement.

those are the kind of words that your businesses are going to be thinking about and talking about and be what they care about .

and if you can do a better job of communicating using those terms and talking to them about how they’re going to get those results in their business.

They will be a lot more likely to want to work with you in the end now once you have a body of work that looks cinematic and stands out from the crowd.

You’ve learned how to sell it consistently to Become A Professional Videographer in a way that makes your clients want to hire you. The last step is to develop a system for getting leads I was starting as a filmmaker.

It would help if you built a sales funnel.

No sales funnel, just a series of web pages on your website that brings people through getting to know you, what you do, what value you bring to the table and then allowing them to buy what you have to offer.

It’s kind of like how when you go to a networking event. You meet somebody new you first start with the small talk then you start to get to know them a little bit better.

How much should I charge for As Professional Videographer ?

Then you talk a little bit more about what you do. Then ultimately, you ask them to connect with you on Facebook or send you an email or to get a phone call so you can talk about further working together.

Still, the problem with networking is that you have to do it 1 to 1, so you’re talking to 1 person at a time. With the sales funnel, you can drive hundreds or thousands of people through your sales direct simultaneously.

So it’s kind of like a salesperson working for you 247 going to 100 or 1000 networking events every single day and pitching your services to potential clients in becoming a professional videographer.

You’re driving traffic through it, and people are going through it. All you have to do is start taking phone calls so the people interested in working with you will book a call with you.

All you have to do is at the appointed time you pick up the phone, call them, and then have a conversation with them about how you do what kind of value you provide and then give them an offer to start working with you.

How To Become A Professional Videographer

If they’re interested so rather than spending all of your time going to networking events and meeting people one on one and spending a lot of time doing that instead .

you only have clients coming to you who are interested in working with you already you don’t waste time talking to interested people. You only spend your time talking on the phone to people that are already interested in talking to you.

and then you’re able to spend a lot more time working on more critical aspects of yours.

Conclusion ;

Yes, so there you go. There are my tips for running your commercial videography business this year. We’re getting clients as a commercial videographer.

if you’re a filmmaker interested in growing your business, which you want to learn more about. I do have free training down in the description below, which looks at its 30 minutes long.

I go in-depth into everything that I just talked about in this video.

I talk about my 3 step system for getting your first client if you don’t have clients yet were you already have clients how to double or triple your business in the next 12 months as a filmmaker.

the training is free, and there’s no obligation to hit the link down in the description below, and I’ll see you.

Jay Kapoor

Jay Kapoor is an Indian BTech student, currently working as an author for simpletechedu .he has an interest in writing articles about videography and cinematography basically and has specialization in this field so he is just sharing his information and knowledge. he is 20 years old from a new Delhi.

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