Is there a chance that phone videography will be able to compete in professional videography ?

Is There a Chance That Phone Videography Will Be Able to Compete in Professional Videography ?

What’s up guys and we jay kapoor, I recently got my hands on the new iPhone 10 that is Phone videography. Today we’re going to be comparing this phone’s video features to our favourite video camera for videography currently the Panasonic G.H. bass.

We’ve made a few videos like this in the past comparing the video footage of phone videography out of an iPhone to a more professional camera of phone videography.

Many people get angry when we do it; nobody uses a phone for professional video. Why even do this task well the truth is we use our phones of phone videography to film a lot.

We use it for substantial expensive projects in phone videography.

we recently did an ad for the new Fuji.GF facts with a wild party we flew around the United States filming with them a lot of the footage that we used in that commercial played all over the place.

Is there a chance that phone videography will be able to compete in professional videography ?

What is the biggest difference between a pro and an amateur in videography  ?

We shot with the much older iPhone this part .so let’s get to these video in phone videography comparisons so take a look at some of these quips these were all shot in 4K.

24 frames per second and see if you can figure out is AV iPhone 4 is B.V.I The eight cameras are the footage straight of phone videography out of the iPhone.

You probably like the iPhone because it has a really vibrant colour profile baked right in .we should a little bit flatter with the G.H.5 which gives us some options, but this footage you’ve seen has been tweaked in phone videography.

I’ve tried to bump the contrast and bump the colour of the G.H.5 to get it to match just a little bit everybody in the office preferred the look of the iPhone .as well now that may have more to do with my lack of colour in phone videography grading skills.

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Still, I thought it was exciting now if you zoom into the footage you will start to see the G.H.5 does have the advantage the lens is better the sensors better.

You’re also going to notice that there are a lot fewer of phone videography .artefacts meeting with the bit rate is a lot higher on the G.H.5 as well. Now moving on to 4K. at 60 frames per second you can see that.

I’m getting some really nice slow motion from both cameras of phone videography.

but you’ll once again notice that the footage out of the iPhone does have quite a vibrant punchy look to it. I like how it looks moving on now to 120 frames per second 1080 P.

What is the biggest difference between a pro and an amateur in videography  ?
What is the biggest difference between a pro and an amateur in videography  ?

Is there a chance that phone videography will be able to compete in professional videography ?

I am blown far away with why well the iPhone 10 dead. I did not think the footage would look this good also zooming in will show that the G.H.5 does have the better bit rate it does have with phone videography.

the better image quality of phone videography. Still, man, it’s very close and for a lot of what we do is especially you to work. I don’t think you’re going to tell any difference at all no I filmed a few other scenes in 4K.

Twenty-four frames per second and. I just wanted to see what the iPhone would do in extraordinary lighting conditions like really contrast delight for shady lie for direct sunlight.

I was getting some of phone videography exciting results, especially when comparing it to G.H.5, probably the most exciting development was me.

Shooting this brick wall here is pretty much what it looks like this a shot with the G.H.5 right here of phone videography.

The iPhone made it look like I tried to do so much in premier to look at this country with the G.H.5 footage.

Which phone is best for video recording ?

I couldn’t come close this is interesting because to me this doesn’t even look like the same wall at all but believe it or not this is the same wall it’s almost like it’s raising the contrast .then bringing back the shadows to phone videography.

if you were accustomed to Photoshop phone videography or Lightroom now our favourite reason to use an iPhone for video is worth a gamble.

It’s so much easier to travel with the small iPhone phone videography to phone videography gamble and not have to balance anything.

It is then to travel with a large cable for a G. 5 and spend time balancing everything and what we did was we balance the G.H.5 with the I.

Is there a chance that phone videography will be able to compete in professional videography ?

How do I record a video on my phone without shaking ?

phone on top of it and we got some footage at 4K. 24 frames per second of me walking towards the camera and away from the king. Now with the iPhone 7.

we have had some issues with the optical stabilization kind in phone videography.

Acting up .when it’s on a gamble it almost makes it look like the cameras focusing in an out even though it’s not when you’re moving steadily on a chance forward or backwards of phone videography.

Can I can record footage I’m happy to say maybe we saw a little bit of Jenner with the iPhone 10, but it was not bad at all. When David starts running after me, I was impressed with how smooth the footage what’s.


If you’re not familiar with the G.H.5 digits 5, we have some of the best in-camera stabilization we have ever seen. So if you compare the iPhone tens but it’s the G.H.5 .

there’s almost no comparison on the gamble I don’t know that any camera of phone videography currently on the market could be as smooth as the G.H.5 on again now for the final test we didn’t get ISO comparison we went into a very dimly lit room.

I stepped into frame and turned on the television the G.H.5 does not have the best ICO performance itself.

Still, the iPhone 10 is significantly worse as you probably have the gas so the moral of the story is guys you can definitely get professional video quality in phone videography out of an iPhone 10 or even an older iPhone for that matter.

But you do need substantial life if you’re in a dimly lit room you’re going to want to reach for a professional video camera.

Still in phone videography, a few things a professional video camera cannot do for more daily free content like  of phone videography.

this head over to F. in phone videography and check out our complete length videography tutorials head over to F. slash store.

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