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How Can you Learn Photography and Videography with just a Mobile Phone ?

Welcome to a brand new article demonstrates to learn Photography and Videography and how you can make real studios. So you’re probably wondering.

I like to use my phone when shooting video their couple of reasons behind it the main reason being the convenience. It’s effortless to just take your phone out of pocket to start shooting right away second reason.

I like to shoot with my phone because of the homely atmosphere you can create with your phone footage that’s going to look nice when planning all the different types. To make a final.

In this video, I will give you guys a couple of tips and tricks I like to use when I’m shooting photography and videography. So the first step I want to talk about is the camera settings.

I usually like to shoot in 1080 P. at 60 frames a second just to keep all the file size down and of course, can slow down to put it in post-production. Another quick tip I’d like to talk about his.

Briefly, you have to shoot in a landscape mode. Let’s happens when you plug in portrait mode and that you’re going to get this annoying like black bars at the site .

when you go on with photography and videography and scale the footage you’re going to lose a lot of fun all issues landscape. You’re going to have no problem regarding.

Another critical I’d like to talk about is the use of income and transitions when you’re shooting what I mean. If you want to take thank you, John, with many movements, suggests implementing their entity.

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can you learn photography and videography with just a mobile phone ?

can you learn photography and videography with just a mobile phone ?

The card. In touch anything you want to do and yet plenty of income at. Another important thing I like to talk about is that you have to make the most out of your phone off what I mean by that is most of the morning ijn photography and videography.

They have functioned as a time-lapse mode portrait mode. I do you have to start using those different personalities you know a lot of ice to get the best out of yours.

So the last. The use of dedicated video out allows you to change so manually should just be done after this.

You don’t experience any unexpected changes in the exposure in your footage why you should. Okay so as you can see I’m on the editing desk since this video is in association with the moral pro I will be using this software to edit this video.

I’m going to do now is create a new project okay. So I’ve opened up tomorrow. This is what whole the system’s interface looks like you have your viewers of photography and videography tab here trimmer control scopes text layout new effects are in here so long going to do.

Can you learn photography and videography on your own ?

Now is I’m going to import some of the footage. Okay so as you can see of them poured pretty much everything and one would do now in photography and videography.

I’m going to create a new folder to keep everything organized, so I’m going to call it I. 8. So I’m going to make another folder and name it audio.

Just to keep everything organized like I said and just going to place of photography and videography it in there so since. I have this video fuller and the quality of folders, so I’m going to do now is I’m going to put all these food is in today’s times.

hello tomorrow works is pretty much identical to help me work so well you want to do is let’s say you want to start a clip from here.

This press I thank you and includes. I’m here to press some.

And since I was on the video, I’m just going to drag the video there, so I’m going to place it down here. And there you go it’s as easy as I can do your previews right.

here I’m going to make a bit more because I like working in your workspace of photography and videography, okay so what I’m going to do now is to do the same process for every single footage so that I select everything and know what I’m working on.

So what I’m going to be doing now is to try and reposition pretty much all the shots so that they match.

I’m here going to clearly explain all the things to you guys why I’m doing this process. So what I’ve done here is I’ve created these six different sequences which I’m going to be using footage from to create a financing.

Which type of photography and videography is most demanded?

So as you can see from the line, this little sequence has all the shots either planning this way of putting this way this show is planning from left to right Disha is banned from left to right size bands.

So that is all the footage that I have that running from left to right and in this sequence, the camera planning of photography and videography from up to down.

Down or down to earth so what I can practically do is I can just reverse the shot and that up to down motion. This is up to down. Up to down.

photography and videography

The one going to be doing in the final sequence is I’m going to be speed ramping the start and the end so once I speak from the boat and I’m going to get the reduced moved up to down motion.

So now I am planning to create the final sequence in photography and videography, and I want to play a show it’s in a way that there’s a story behind. So I’m looking for an establishing shot. First I think this is a pretty good shot just out of it so well I want to do with Disha is I want to make into a slow-motion.

I’m going to set 2 gentlemen sitting inphotography and videography there and having that a conversation after that morning walk. Let me walk to work some take their formation and see.

If I can get some exciting socks there with them, okay so I’ve asked for the permission they’ve permitted me to shoot so the next thing that when I look at them.

How to do Better Mobile Phone Photography and Videography ?

A testing phase is looking at the place where they’re sitting in many the facts from the background they have a testing phase.

If you can just walk me through that wall there, please thank you so typically video of photography and videography you know you pull out the camera what do you take out okay. He will pose for you.

You take a picture getting what of course you got the person to learn Photography and Videography .now since you’ve got an exciting face the best ways to go close fill the frame and soup now I’m going to go close. Nice. Now the background is bright.

I think a five photography and videography but make the experience a little dark this the picture will improve so I’m going to move them in front of this lack of look at the light and see the different beautiful things very nice.


The next one uses a frame within the frame, so when I looked at that, I saw this impressive black door frame.

I thought you frame him inside of that okay can you come here please. you know in a situation about to learn Photography and Videography like this you would pick up your shelf and pick up the camera and take a picture. Still, suppose you want to make the image look interesting.

In that case, you can use the next day direction.

We just include this frame in our frame so Sir can you come inside stand inside a ha come forward slightly yes and faith that way so because he’s framed that big of photography and videography just suddenly got a different guy mentioned. Read a nice. So there’s another way of capturing the image.

Jay Kapoor

Jay Kapoor is an Indian BTech student, currently working as an author for simpletechedu .he has an interest in writing articles about videography and cinematography basically and has specialization in this field so he is just sharing his information and knowledge. he is 20 years old from a new Delhi.

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