How To Film Epic NATURE B Roll Videography ?

What’s up, guys doing Salix Norman here and in this video, we are in a forest, and we’re going to showing you how to create powerful nature sequences again in NATURE B Roll Videography.

It’s a behind-the-scenes demonstration, so you guys, if you’re going to be following me along as I start this video in front of you, we got about 10 minutes to do this, so let’s go to Epic NATURE B Roll Videography as you see around me right now it’s forest days.

what is NATURE B Roll Videography ?

It’s it there’s a lot to film. Still, to some people, it might seem like NATURE B Roll Videography there’s just a bunch of trees.

I’m going to be showing through NATURE B Roll Videography and you how to pay attention to the senses of the experience around you so how to bring out the sensory experiences to your audience.

for example making for almost smell how it smells make them almost feel how it feels in NATURE B Roll we’re going to be paying NATURE B Roll Videography attention to that .

in today’s video sucks right now we have a force in front of me I’m going to be filming just to establishing shot this is what I like to do when I’m in an occasion the first thing.

How To Film Epic NATURE B Roll Videography ?
How To Film Epic NATURE B Roll Videography ?

How do you roll Plan B ?

I want to do is form something in NATURE B Roll Videography that’s going to establish where we are going to start with some super close up or anything like that.

so for example, I’m just going to assume like this something like in between these trees we’re going to do in NATURE B Roll Videography a shot that’s going to go again left to right kind of low down.

I’m just going to get this basis that we are in a forest. Looks good. What was it like to do is when I’m establishing is get close.

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.it’s always good to come from a wide to a close, so I might not be getting close to NATURE B Roll Videography. It might soon begin to an extent and do the same thing.

Right now, we’re going to be looking for some elements, so we’re going to kind of into the forest if you will do a quick scout of the area early of NATURE B Roll Videography, and we’ve seen the best of mushrooms right now.

Film Epic NATURE B Roll Videography ?

Introduction to B-Roll Footage for Professional Looking Videos

Unfortunately, there was no magic of NATURE B Roll Videography, but we just got to do with filming them instead of leasing them, so what we’re going to do.

From just up there looking down on NATURE B Roll Videography, it’s quite hard even to know what it is, let alone feel something from the shop sort by coming down super low.

Also, putting in a bit of zoom on that what we can do is you can stop playing around with the foreground and the background of the shot .

so we can get some of this most see us in the foreground you have the mushrooms of NATURE B Roll Videography in the middle ground where is focused right on them.

I’m going to try movement shot now. Sometimes, movement shows are quite hard to do NATURE B Roll Videography, and sometimes they don’t work for every reason; maybe your hands went steady, or things didn’t quite line up, and as a backup of go that still shot the I know, it’s going to be excellent.

we can play around with that and the color grading of NATURE B Roll Videography in the post to bring out a bit more, but like there’s a nice highlighted bill on the floor here, .

we’re going to move slowly again left to right here. Look super lovely guy, a little bit of a lens flare gun on.

Film Epic NATURE B Roll Videography ?
Film Epic NATURE B Roll Videography ?

Great B-Roll Transitions That Are Easy to Shoot

Very happy with that. You try another one in the future here, maybe go a little bit wider and try to get the whole picture, which could even be more establishing shows well, you know.

Like, don’t get to set. On the shot, so you’re getting in sync that social for NATURE B Roll Videography.

Conclusion ;

Just because like again as I said about NATURE B Roll Videography, in the beginning, this is it just looks like a forest drive fewer trees something since the details are so much to capture only in this area .

once we’ve got to some of the most in the fungus of NATURE B Roll Videography there’s tons of this kind of heather in these different.

No apologists of nor do the cool, but he’s going to let Jim type things for this one.

For example, we can try rack focus so we could start here to NATURE B Roll Videography. And pull the camera’s focus again makes people kind of pay attention to the sensory experience.

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