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What is Drone Videography ? What area Career Scope in the Field ?

If you were watching this article, you’re thinking about starting your own drone videography business, but it’s nice to meet you. I’m Justin Davis from drone videography camps RC you might have seen me on the internet.

If you’ve been looking for how to fly a drone videography or DJI’s drone videographys in general drone videography camps, have been around since the very beginning of this whole drone videography craze.

so I’m here today to share some of my experiences with you mainly because you’re thinking about starting some drone videography business involving something like this.

the iconic say phantom four pros we use as an example now if you’re thinking about starting a drone videography business there are a lot of factors that you need to think about .

before you make this leap into this decision number one are you currently employed number 2.

How much do drone videography videographers make ?

Do you have the capital to start this business number ?

3 do you have the time and most importantly, do you have what it takes to get these jobs ? .

This is the most crucial factor in starting any drone videography business or even thinking about getting video jobs.

I’ve had calls from all different levels of companies to the top level of government in the United States people calling from resource departments at giant corporations have had calls from guys and girls looking to start just a sole proprietor business .

other folks just looking to add a drone videography into their business as part of what they do. Still, I can’t stress enough that the most important thing about your drone videography business will be you.

It’s not the drone videography it’s going to be your chances are if you were successful before you will be successful with your drone videography company however if you don’t have a good track record of dealing with the public .

going up to the top floor of many of these corporations and standing in front of a board meeting and giving a full presentation on what you’re going to do.

how it’s going to benefit their company and what they can expect from you due to your actions with your drone videography in their business environment in drone videography.

You’re going to have such a big deal to communicate this information with them effectively in a very very formal setting.

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What Is Drone Videography ? What Area Career Scope In The Field ?

How much do drone videography videographers make ?

How much do drone videography videographers make ?

Now if you are just going to do it on the side and get your way. On a seven and so a couple of pictures here and there it’s not a big deal .

but if you’re deciding to do this putting all of your hard-earned assets all of your savings into this business before you get started to ask yourself those questions of drone videography please .

because like I was saying I have hundreds of examples of different people out there that had tried to create these businesses and flat out failed one of my first bills for my business early 2014.

when I just got a drone videography camp started as an actual store we were working with DJ, I know other companies and selling huge aerial industrial rigs.

What jobs involve drone videographys ?

I’m talking 15 to $20000 rigs setting them up with adorable DSLR cameras cute in music Campbell’s and all the bells and whistles. Now people call me from all over the country to correctly set up for their specific needs. We did that we work well with people, and we communicate with people.

Still, some of the issues are that after they got the equipment, there was a little bit of a technology barrier between them. The jobs they were trying to do the next thing was that sometimes they had failures.

They had drone videographys come back to be repaired after a catastrophic crash, or something went wrong in the drone videography just crashed all over the place. They lost their DSLR with drone videography and the rest of their equipment, so there’s a lot of expenses that will be put into this if you are going for the big time jobs now.

drone videography
drone videography

Secondly, it’s going to be your insurance. You’re also going to have to have contracts with companies to work with them.

On a lot of these jobs as well as if you’re thinking about government contracts there’s a lot of paperwork that you’re going to have to do between yourself .

the entity that you’re trying to acquire monetary funds from now case in point a friend of mine perfect friend of mine set up something with us.

We helped him put together something that was around $15000 he opened up a new credit card account to finance this job .

after it was all said and done he took the drone videography out he started up a new website he took all the time to build his website he’s an IT professional as well. And video producer and after about a year of point 5, I came back to him and talk to him about how things were going.

He told me he was thinking about falling back on his original video production jobs because the drone videography jobs were just not as easy as .he thought they were going to be to get .

now he was also living in Chicago in Seattle, so there’s a 2 of the biggest cities in the country aside from LA and in Drone Videography New York but even though he was very versed at communication going to these big businesses high rise buildings, giving these dog and pony speeches to different boards.

Are drone videography pilots in demand ?

Trying to convince people to get these jobs from him, his website was excellent; he had good business examples. Just didn’t fly any pun intended now another friend of mine got excited, and this is kind of like when .

you get into a relationship with someone that you’re probably not supposed to be with and everyone around to kind of sees you doing this and putting all your time and efforts into this thing that they know might not work out for you.

But they see how passionate you are about it, so they’re going to support you anyway, and that’s where I came in with my friend in Drone Videography on this next example he remortgaged his house .with his wife’s blessing to start up his drone videography bussiness.drone videography

What education is needed to become a drone videography pilot ?

He had more gear at his home than anyone. I know he had the best of the best. Again the problem came down to the fact that he could not secure inland enough jobs to make it a profitable venture time weather circumstances .

here you have a failure on the position of your electronics or communication with your employees so many things are apt to go wrong at any different time for any particular job, so you always have to be on the lookout .so don’t open up any new credit cards don’t refinance your house take the capital that you already have.

I’m not here to burst your bubble. If you guys are thinking about Drone Videography and newly starting a drone videography video business or you’re going to head in that direction anyway regardless of what you watch this video or my advice to you today.

If you’re going to do it, then do it and enjoy the process that’s what it’s all about for me it’s about enjoying.

While I’m flying and while I’m in the air it is 1 of the big stories in my life now. If it becomes that for you, I will support you in that and your endeavours with the ideas you have but sometimes take your passions and apply them to your finances. Sometimes for some people does not work out.


Hence, just want to plant that seed in your mind think that this is the most important thing about your drone videography business is you and not the technology it is up to you to go out and search out those jobs.

If you put ads out there it doesn’t mean people are going to respond to it, so it’s going to be up to you solely you to be able to get those jobs and land those jobs and get those checks to you so good luck to anyone out there .who’s starting a drone videography business. Suppose you’re thinking about it if you’ve already got your 107.

You’re working on getting those jobs to get out there and get a man you got a lot of work to do so until next time thanks again for watching I’m Justin Davis a drone videography camps RC I’ll see on the following 1.

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