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welcome to simpletechedu.com and thanks for being with us and support us. this is is technology-related blogs preferably focusing on videography and photography. as our author jay Kapoor has a lot of knowledge deep inside him about videography so he is sharing his knowledge with you.techyedupro.com blog mainly focuses on video-related queries and today questions about video topics and we will be answering all questions.

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talking about the author jay Kapoor of simpletechedu.com jap Kapoor is an expert in videography and cinematography so he will be sharing his experiences and future scope about videography in this digital world if technology so doesn’t worry about information legit or not because you are getting it from world-class expert.

Jay Kapoor is an Indian BTech student, currently working as an author for techyeduro .he has an interest in writing articles about videography and cinematography basically and has specialization in this field so he is just sharing his information and knowledge. he is 20 years old from a new Delhi.

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